How did Little Spielhaus Co. come to be? Here is our story…

I (Jennifer) was first introduced to high quality, timeless pieces when I became a mother. I quickly learned how to identify good quality fabrics, and how important they are for delicate skin. I found that the higher quality pieces I owned would last longer, wash well, and wear better. I was pleased to hand down these items to my second and third baby after my first wore them. I also appreciate high quality toys, especially ones that promote open-ended play and encourage little imaginations to develop.

I’ve connected with many like-minded mamas throughout the years and it seems that these high quality toys and clothing items are not easily accessible in the Pembina Valley area. I saw an opportunity and approached Jen to collaborate.

I (Jen) woke up one morning to many messages from Jennifer, asking if I wanted to collaborate and start a small business. Initially I thought she was joking- I played along, until I realized she was serious. Being a small business owner was never something that I thought I would pursue. In fact, early on in life I accepted the fact that I am not a mathematician (I count on my fingers, sometimes even toes because it gives you 20 vs. 10) and pursued a career in social services because math was just not for me.

All jokes aside, I love my career as a social worker and it is still very much my passion. However, my main focus right now is raising my littles and this means that I have a lot of free time. I love a good challenge, so accepted Jennifer’s proposal and here we are.

Ethics are important in my line of work, and as such it has also become important in various areas of my life. Naturally, I care about fair wages, safe work environments, and fair trade.

We put our ideas together, and came up with a business plan, business name, and business logo in one day. Needless to say, we are excited and we hope you are too! 🍄